How All on 4 Implants Help Improve Your Smile

How All on 4 Implants Help Improve Your Smile

March 1, 2022

Do you find yourself in a predicament because you have several missing teeth or must have them extracted? Missing teeth can contribute to several other dental problems to impact your self-confidence and your overall well-being. You might want to take steps to have your missing teeth replaced soon as possible to ensure you maintain your oral health and improve your overall quality of life. You may think dentures are a time-tested option but have you ever considered what other options are available to replace several missing teeth?

Dentures are undoubtedly a time-tested solution for replacing multiple teeth but do not deliver the level of comfort desired or satisfaction with your treatment. Fortunately, dentistry advances in technology now make available a better solution for the replacement of multiple teeth to deliver better results and many benefits over other treatment options. The answer is dubbed all on 4 implants.

This article reviews all on 4 dental implants to help you arrive at an informed decision if you want a solution better than dentures to replace your missing teeth.

What Are All on 4 Implants?

The All on 4 system combines different dental techniques and technologies to provide a durable and stable connection for replacement teeth that is more reliable than traditional techniques for affixing dentures. All on 4 implants use a set of secured dental implants embedded in your jawbone to provide a stable platform to hold a set of replacement teeth in place. It is why the all on 4 technique is often referred to as an implant-supported denture even though the term covers other techniques of replacing teeth.

The titanium posts used during the all on 4 treatment process slightly differ from the regular dental implants designed to replace a single tooth. The portion of the all on 4 implants embedded in the jawbone is similar to traditional implants. However, the exposed portion of the implant has a specialized cap-shaped tip. The four tips of the implants help provide a physical connection between the jaw and fake teeth, having a matching set of four receptacles on the underside. It is a durable and physical connection between the implants and the artificial teeth that provides a natural feeling for you when wearing them, especially when talking or chewing.

Merely four implants are strategically positioned by all on 4 implants in McKinney, TX, after a comprehensive examination and analysis of your mouth to ensure the most effective placement of every titanium post to achieve optimal results. Generally, the typical arrangement for the implants is a couple near the front of the mouth inserted in a vertical alignment. Next, you receive two more implants at the back of the mouth in the molar area placed at a steeper angle for greater stability and support. After the implants are securely in place, you receive the implant-supported dentures, which you can have immediately, providing you with speedy recovery time and a return to your daily life and activities.

Benefits of All on 4 for Your Smile

There are many benefits of the all on 4 implant technique to replace the missing teeth both connected to your oral health and providing help in other areas of your life. Some of the key benefits you accrue from the all on 4 technique include:

Enhanced Self-Confidence

When you receive all on 4 implants for your replacement teeth, you get an entire set of natural-looking teeth connected securely in your mouth. The teeth enable you to enjoy your favorite foods and beverages without concerns. In addition, you exude confidence knowing that your teeth will not shift out of place or remain concerned that your loose dentures may become a source of embarrassment.

Easy Maintenance

The all on 4 implant technique doesn’t require challenging oral care habits to maintain them. You can continue your regular dental hygiene regimen like brushing, flossing, going for regular dental checkups from the dentist near you, and ensuring you don’t allow plaque buildup around the fixed dentures.

Permanent Solution

The most significant benefit of the all-on-four implant technique from the dentist in 75070 is that it provides a permanent solution that doesn’t require frequent fitting sessions like traditional dentures. The all on 4 implant technique uses a denture fixed securely to your mouth by dental implants. The connection isn’t susceptible to problems resulting from gum resorption, which often causes traditional dentures to become loose and cause discomfort over time. All on 4 technique provides a lasting solution resulting in greater comfort and convenience for you.

If you must have several teeth extracted or have already lost them, you must consider replacing them as soon as possible. However, if you think the traditional implant process is lengthy and expensive, please contact Arte dental — McKinney to receive all on 4 implant techniques for replacing the missing teeth.

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