How Dentures Help Restore Mouth Functionality post Tooth Loss

How Dentures Help Restore Mouth Functionality post Tooth Loss

November 1, 2021

Loss of teeth affects your mouth’s functionality, your facial appearance, and your smile, simultaneously making it challenging for you to speak, eat or smile and perform other activities comfortably. In addition, loss of teeth imposes other challenges on you, making your facial appearance to sag and even causing jawbone deterioration. If you wish to overcome these challenges, you must consider replacing your missing teeth by selecting from the three options currently available to satisfy your goal.

You can consider dental implants if you are in good physical and oral health and are not constrained by financial restrictions. Dental bridges are another option you can consider for replacements. However, if you don’t qualify for both alternatives for reasons beyond your control, rest assured you don’t have to show a toothless grin forever. Instead, you can rely on time-tested full and partial dentures available to replace a few missing teeth or all missing teeth in your mouth.

Dentures are dental prosthetics custom-made to restore the appearance and oral functionality you lost. You can either have complete dentures to replace an entire arch of teeth in one jaw or partial dentures if you miss a few teeth.

What Kind of Dentures can you Choose for Yourself?

Your unique situation determines whether you need full or partial dentures to restore your mouth’s functionality and other abilities you lost. For example, if you miss a few teeth but have teeth remaining in your mouth, you can have partial dentures fabricated from a plastic base or metal framework to support the number of teeth you want to replace. Partial dentures using a metal framework are the traditional design because of their rigidity and the metal’s strength.

If you have lost all your teeth or just have them extracted, you can discuss replacement solutions for the teeth with the dentist near you, explaining your situation. The dentist will likely recommend an entire arch of complete dentures as replacement solutions for you after removing all your teeth. Traditional full dentures are fabricated from a pink-colored plastic base to support a whole set of plastic or porcelain teeth. Complete dentures are held in place in the mouth, forming a seal with the gums.

Both varieties of dentures are affordable and cost fewer dollars than implants or bridges, and do not require lengthy procedures to have them in your mouth, unlike the other two.

Will Dentures Affect How you Appear, Feel, Eat and Speak?

Dentures are artificial replacements for your natural teeth and are best created by experienced professionals providing dentures in McKinney, TX. If you get the appliances from inexperienced professionals, you will experience challenges of different kinds. However, if you get the prosthetic fabricated from a professional in McKinney, you can rest assured the appliance will enhance your appearance and remain virtually undetectable in your mouth.

You will require some time to determine the best way to insert and remove the devices from your mouth besides some gum soreness. Therefore you must prepare to revisit the McKinney specialist during the first few weeks for adjustments to the dental appliance.

Eating with dentures in your mouth requires some practice. You must start with soft foods chewing from both sides of the mouth and gradually introduce solid foods into your diet. You must avoid sticky and chewy foods until your cheeks and tongue get accustomed to the appliance.

You may have to relearn how to speak with dentures by practicing. However, with time speaking becomes more effortless and will likely not cause any problems. Your appearance also improves when you have artificial teeth in your mouth instead of a gaping hole. Therefore dentures will likely not affect your mouth’s functionality. Instead, they help return all your lost abilities after you get accustomed to the dental appliance.

What is the Cost of Dentures?

The cost of dentures depends on many variables. Elements like materials used for the fabrication of the dentures, your geographical location, and the dentist’s experience need factoring in before determining the price of these dental appliances. However, you can expect to pay approximately a couple of thousand dollars to replace a complete arch of teeth. You receive reimbursement for part of the costs of dentures from insurance providers if you possess dental insurance.

How Long Will Dentures Last?

When cared for appropriately, dentures last for at least five years or more. Over time your jawbone shrinks, causing the dentures to loosen. How fast dentures loosen varies between patients, but you can control the problem by visiting the dentist near you regularly to ensure the dental appliance fits correctly. Ill-fitting dentures can cause jawbone deterioration faster.

Dentists use measures like dental liners to re-fit the internal surface of the denture to the oral tissues. If you cannot have dental implants or bridges, there is no harm in relying on dentures to help restore your mouth’s functionality after losing teeth.

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