Dental crowns in McKinney, TX are small caps that are permanently cemented onto your teeth. Crowns cover up a damaged tooth, strengthen it, and improve its overall appearance. Using an impression taken of the broken tooth, your dentist creates the prosthetic to perfectly fit over the tooth. There are four types of dental crowns.

Ceramic – Ceramic crowns in McKinney, TX are used for restoring your front teeth. The reason for this is because they match the surrounding teeth. This porcelain-based material is used so that it is not obvious that you have the crown, which will do a lot for your confidence. This type of crown is the least durable which is why it is not used on the back teeth, where more pressure is placed on them.

Porcelain Fused to Metal – This type of crown is incredibly durable because it is attached to a metal stricture. It is used when a much stronger bond is needed.

Gold Alloys – Gold alloy crowns, made up of gold, copper, and other metals, provide a strong bond on your tooth without wearing away the tooth itself. This type of crown will not fracture or break. These are usually used near the back of the mouth.

Base Metal Alloys – These crowns in McKinney, TX provide the strongest bond of all. Made up of non-noble metals, these crowns are resistant to corrosion and fracture. Out of all the crowns available, this type does not require as much healthy tooth to be removed.

If properly maintained, crowns can last a lifetime. Your dentist will help you decide which types of crowns will be best suited for your unique teeth. Be sure to brush and floss your teeth daily, and make regular visits to your dentist for cleanings. This will help you maintain your crowns, and prevent your remaining teeth from needing this procedure.

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