What Latest Dental Technologies are Used in Modern Dentistry?

What Latest Dental Technologies are Used in Modern Dentistry?

July 6, 2022

Dental technologies entail any tools and equipment used in dentistry to aid the performance of different oral procedures. In modern dentistry, technology has allowed dentists to perform diverse oral procedures with ease, increased precision, and higher success rates. Embracing new advancements in technology has, in many ways, better dental care provision in dental clinics near you.

Most Popular Dental Technologies in Modern Dentistry

Modern dentistry provides various approaches and alternatives to dental treatments so that there is something for everyone. Now, you have no reason to avoid visiting your dentist, especially with the following dental technologies available:

Laser Dentistry

It is probably the most common dental technology in modern dentistry. It employs lasers (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) to cut through soft and hard tissues in the oral cavity. Our dentist in Lewisville, TX 75067 uses laser tools to perform various dental procedures, including root canal therapy, dental fillings, gum surgeries, and teeth whitening.

Digital X-Ray

It is an improved way of radio imaging that provides safer and more environmentally friendly digital scans of the internal features of your oral cavity. Digital x-rays use up to 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays. Besides, they employ electronic sensors connected to computers to produce digital images that can be viewed and stored virtually.

Intraoral Cameras

They are cameras that dentists can use to examine the inside of your oral cavity and provide more details than physical exams can. These cameras use LED lights, have zooming abilities, and have heads that can rotate up to 90° to take high-definition pictures and videos of your mouth.

The Wand Computerized Anesthesia Delivery

It is a computerized method of administering local anesthesia to numb your mouth. Our Lewisville dentist uses the wand to administer controlled flow and volume of local anesthetic in your mouth without under or over-numbing the target area.

Ozone Therapy

It is the use of energized oxygen to sterilize your oral cavity by disinfecting and killing bacteria before dental procedures. The treatment significantly reduces the risk of oral infections.

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics)

It is a dental technology that allows dental experts to create and install porcelain appliances within one dental sitting. Ideally, porcelain restorations like dental veneers or crowns require two separate visits, usually two weeks apart. The period is necessary to create dental restoration in a laboratory. CEREC technology allows dentists to complete the treatments in a single appointment through computer-aided design.


It is a brand of clear teeth aligners for straightening and realigning teeth in orthodontics dentistry. Instead of traditional metal braces, you can get these virtually invisible braces that ensure you can keep your treatment inconspicuous. Besides, they are more comfortable than metal braces, offering convenience as they are removable. Now more than ever, more adults are willing to try teeth straightening treatments without many restrictions on food choices and the aesthetic advantages of the aligners.

What Is the Value of Dental Technologies in Modern Dentistry?

Today, if you are looking for a dental clinic from where you can seek treatment, you will prioritize the technology available in the facility. Therefore, at Arte Dental – Lewisville, we have stocked up on top-of-the-line dental technologies that can improve service provision to all our patients. Some of the ways dental technologies have improved dentistry are:

  1. Quick Services – dental care is faster today because of oral technologies.
  2. Elevate Comfort Levels – dental technologies help dentists prioritize patients’ comfort.
  3. Increased Precision – dentists can perform various intricate dental procedures with utmost precision thanks to technologies like lasers. Besides, digital imaging has improved the clarity and accuracy of images, enabling dental experts to make a more precise diagnosis and offer speedy and relevant treatments.
  4. Inclusion – modern dentistry has something for every patient, without excluding the conservative ones who tend to be picky about their preferences.
  5. Less Painful Dental Experiences – today, patients do not have memories of traumatic dental experiences. In fact, many hardly remember the eventualities of their procedures nor experience any discomfort during treatments. Lasers have also reduced the healing duration by reducing the likelihood of damaging healthy tissues during dental work.

Are you looking for a dental clinic near you in Lewisville, TX that is equipped with modern dental technologies? Contact Arte Dental – Lewisville today to get quality dental care through modern technologies.

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