Oral Cancer Screening: A Complimentary Dental Service

Oral Cancer Screening: A Complimentary Dental Service

November 9, 2021

Oral cancer screenings are exams conducted by dentists scanning for signs of cancer or precancerous ailments in your mouth. Dentists provide this complimentary service during routine dental exams and cleanings, aiming to detect mouth cancer early when the chances of a cure are more significant. If you have scheduled your six-monthly appointment with your dentist and the professional feel around your neck, head, and throat, do not express surprise because the dentist performs the screening as a preventive measure to detect oral cancer in its early stages.

Suppose the dentist near you performs oral cancer screening during your routine visit. In that case, they prevent you from spending money on visiting oncologists to get yourself tested to determine whether you have any abnormal growths in your mouth. Instead, the dentist completes the screening in under five minutes without you even realizing what the dentist is trying to find.

Why Do Dentists Perform Oral Cancer Screening?

You may think dentists are responsible for keeping your teeth and gums healthy and do not have to waste time looking for signs of oral cancer in your mouth. However, if you are using excessive alcohol, tobacco in various forms or have a history of sunlight exposure, you are at risk of developing oral cancer.

When the dentist in Plano, TX, performs oral cancer screening, they aim to detect cancer or precancerous lesions that may develop into mouth cancer early. Noticing these signs in the early stages makes it easier for specialists to remove the condition and treat it with successful outcomes.

Dentists perform oral cancer screening when you visit them for routine exams. It helps you avoid visits to cancer specialists, which you will likely prevent thinking you are not at risk for this devastating disease. Your thinking is justified because no one ever believes oral cancer may affect them. Unfortunately, more people are currently getting diagnosed with mouth and throat cancers over the last several years, although the increasing number isn’t precise.

Therefore if the dentist performs oral cancer screening in Plano, TX, during your routine dental exam, you must be thankful for the preventive screening you receive to ensure you don’t have any conditions in your mouth.

What Can You Expect during Oral Cancer Screening?

The Plano dentist views inside your mouth during oral cancer screening, checking for red and white patches or mouth sores. Next, the dentist utilizes gloved hands to feel the membranes in your mouth, checking for masses and other irregularities. The dentist also analyzes your neck and throat for blocks.

How Do You Prepare for Oral Cancer Screenings?

When you schedule your appointment for dental cleanings and exams, you also visit your dentist for oral cancer screening. You don’t require any preparation for the screening because the dentist completes it before you realize what they are looking for in your mouth. If the dentist doesn’t detect any abnormalities, they conduct your appointment within the scheduled time.

Unfortunately, suppose the dentist does discover any signs of oral cancer or precancerous lesions. In that case, they recommend a follow-up visit in a few weeks to determine if the abnormal area remains in your mouth or has expanded over time. If the dentist notices changes, they suggest a biopsy from a laboratory to remove some cells from your mouth for testing to determine whether cancer cells are present in your mouth. The biopsy is either performed by the dentist, or you are referred to a professional specializing in oral cancer diagnosis and treatment for the procedure.

Oral cancer screenings from dentists do not cost you a dime and are included in the routine dental exams and cleanings you schedule your appointment for. The screening is a complementary procedure performed by the dentist to ensure you don’t have abnormal lesions or growths in your mouth that may indicate mouth cancer. They don’t charge you extra for the screenings, nor you are required to spend additional time at the dentist’s office. You finish your appointment at the scheduled time to return home or work with peace in your mind that no unusual conditions are affecting your mouth.

Therefore there is no reason for you to fear these screenings because they are straightforward as visiting your dentist for preventive care. In reality, if you look forward to your dental appointments, you must also express the happiness you are receiving something extra than just exams and cleanings.

Are you in search of Oral Cancer Screening in Plano, TX? Book your appointment or call Arte Dental (Plano) today for your oral cancer screening.

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