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Are you in need of dentists near you to restore your damaged teeth with veneers? At Arte Dental, our experienced dentists in Plano & McKinney, TX are here for all of your dental needs. Call our office to arrange for a consultation so that we can discuss your treatment options.

If you have been looking for veneers near you, Arte Dental can help you restore your smile to its natural beauty.

What Is It?

Veneers are coverings that are placed over damaged teeth. Patients choose them for a variety of reasons, whether it is to protect a tooth from additional decay or to improve the appearance of a tooth.

A variety of different materials are used to craft veneers. These may include:

  • Composite resin
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic

With the proper care and maintenance, you can look forward to veneers lasting up to 20 years or more. Patients with veneers can expect their teeth to last longer, have better hygiene, and look more naturally-shaped.

If you have had trouble losing teeth, veneers may be just what you need. These coverings can help prolong the life of your teeth, ensuring that you have a healthier, happier smile.

Who Needs Veneers?

Veneers are an effective solution that is safe for your teeth. Let’s look at a few examples as to why you might want to try veneers.

  • A tooth or teeth are stained.
  • Part of a tooth chipped off.
  • You have a cracked tooth.
  • Your teeth are broken.

Regardless of your reasoning for needing veneers, you can trust that they will serve to protect your teeth and prevent further damage from occurring.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Getting veneers is quick and easy. You can look forward to having improved, stronger teeth in as little as a month. We will first prepare your existing teeth so that they are ready to be fitted with veneers.

While your permanent veneers are being custom-made, you may be issued with temporary ones. Once the permanent set is complete, we will call you in to be fitted with them.

If you need veneers in Plano & McKinney, TX, call Arte Dental today so that we can start giving you the dental care and attention your teeth need for optimal oral health and hygiene.

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