Common Myths about Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extractions Cause Incredible Pain

If you believe the myth, you will likely skip the extraction. However, nothing is further than the truth because tooth extraction uses advanced anesthesia and performs minimally invasive extraction techniques to ensure your comfort throughout the process.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions are Normal

A common misconception exists among everyone’s minds that wisdom teeth removal is essential. However, many people develop wisdom teeth normally because they have excess space in their jaw.

Tooth Removal is Inevitable

The circumstances prompting tooth removal are entirely different. Before considering a recommendation for tooth removal, dentists exhaust all other options to treat and preserve an affected tooth instead of eliminating it from your mouth. Some solutions dentists recommend are root canal therapy and dental crowns. Tooth extractions become inevitable only after treatment options are exhausted by the dentist and the tooth becomes detrimental to your oral health.

Tooth Extraction Recovery Requires Months

In stark contrast, you might recover from the tooth removal procedure after three or four days. While comprehensive recovery needs a couple of weeks for the tooth socket to heal entirely, you can resume your everyday activities in your four days, remembering that you must follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions and ensure your stay away from strenuous activities like exercising or lifting heavy objects for fear of dislodging the blood clot in your mouth. Dislodging the blood clot subjects you to incredible pain and requires treatments from emergency dentists.

Tooth Replacements Are Not Required for Extracted Teeth

When you have a tooth extracted, it leaves behind an edentulous gap encouraging the neighboring teeth to shift towards it. The movement causes misalignment in your mouth, leaving you with crooked and gapped teeth. You also become prone to problems with indigestion because of the lack of ability to chew foods correctly and swallow large chunks. Your smile also remains impacted because of the missing tooth gaps leaving you in an embarrassing situation.

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