7 Healthy Foods Essential for Your Teeth & Oral Health


If you are among many who favor cheese, the health of your teeth is another reason to enjoy this delicacy. Eating cheese increases the pH levels in your mouth to lower the risk of tooth decay.


Yogurt is rich in calcium and protein, making it a good choice for your teeth to strengthen and keep them healthy. Probiotics or beneficial bacteria in yogurt benefit your gums because they crowd out cavity-causing bacteria from your mouth.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are abundant in vitamins and minerals but low in calories. Spinach and kale leafy greens promote oral health because they are rich in calcium and help strengthen tooth enamel.


Apples are high in sweetness, but they also have fiber and water. In addition, eating apples increases saliva flow in the mouth to rinse bacteria and food particles. Your gums also receive stimulation from the fibrous texture of apples.


Celery has a bad reputation for its bland taste, is full of pesky strings, and is watery, but it is recommended by the dentist for the following reasons. It acts like your toothbrush to scrape food particles and bacteria from your teeth to function as a cleaning agent.


Eating a handful of carrots and the end of a meal help increase saliva production in the mouth to reduce your risk of cavities. Besides their high fiber content, carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A.


Almonds are low in sugar and excellent for your teeth because they are sources of calcium and protein. You can enjoy a handful of almonds with a bunch or add some to a salad or a stir-fried dinner.

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