Why You Should Quickly Deal with Dental Emergencies

Why You Should Quickly Deal with Dental Emergencies

January 1, 2022

What are Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies are sudden problems involving the teeth and surrounding soft tissues. They require immediate dental treatment. A dental issue left untreated and causing pain and inflammation is not a dental emergency. You ought to contact a dentist near you for treatment of any dental issues.

An emergency cannot be prevented. However, knowing what to do will help you manage one appropriately before treatment from an emergency dentist in Plano. The dentist focuses on reducing pain, saving and preserving the natural teeth. Find out some common dental emergencies here and why you should deal with them quickly.

Common Dental Emergencies

1. Knocked-out tooth

Your tooth may completely come out of its socket due to dental trauma. Although you may experience pain, swelling, and bleeding, do not panic. Instead, immediately contact the emergency dentist in Plano, who will reinsert your tooth.

Follow the following instructions to ensure your tooth is preserved for successful reinsertion.

  • When retrieving the tooth, avoid touching its roots not to damage it.
  • Use clean water to rinse off the tooth. Do not scrub it or remove any attached fragments.
  • Try to place the tooth back on its socket. Bite down gently to hold it in place.
  • If you cannot, put it between your cheek and gums or in a container of warm milk.
  • Use a cold, wet compress to staunch the bleeding.

2. Toothache

Sudden severe toothache constitutes a dental emergency. A toothache shows an issue with the tooth and gums. Do not ignore it since it may indicate serious infections such as cellulitis and pericoronitis. After contacting the dentist in Plano, TX, follow these instructions:

  • Rinse your mouth using lukewarm water.
  • Floss to remove dislodged food particles.
  • Apply a cold compress close to the area to control swelling.

3. Abscess

Abscesses are pockets of bacterial infection in the gums or in the tooth itself. They are mainly caused by poor oral hygiene, periodontitis, or a compromised immune system. This infection is a dental emergency. it requires prompt treatment from an emergency dentist near you. Delaying may cause the infection to spread to other parts of the mouth and the body.

Symptoms of an Abscess in The Mouth

  • A whitish, red, clear or yellow pimple or bulge on the gum. Do not pop it.
  • Bad breath
  • Pus discharge
  • Fever
  • Bad taste in the mouth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Pain when chewing or biting down

Reasons for Dealing With Dental Emergencies Quickly

1. Relieves pain

Pain is a symptom of most dental emergencies. The dentist in Plano, TX, advises patients to seek immediate treatment for any dental pain. A broken or knocked-out tooth due to dental emergencies causes severe tooth pain. Teeth abscesses also cause debilitating pain. The first step in dental emergency treatment is reducing the pain then addressing its cause.

2. Reduces infections risk

Some dental issues, such as an abscess, require quick treatment to reduce the risk of further infection. It is an infection that occurs on the gums at the base of a tooth or between two teeth. The disease spreads very fast throughout the mouth, damaging the surrounding teeth and tissues. If left untreated, abscesses spread to other areas of the body, causing infections.

3. Saves your tooth

Quick treatment in a dental emergency will help save your tooth. In a dental trauma, your tooth may be knocked out or dislodged. Rushing to a dentist near you ensures that the knocked-out tooth is properly reinserted in the gap to avoid tooth loss. The dental expert rectifies the dislodged tooth to prevent it from coming out. Tooth abscess leading to tooth loss is treated.

4. Reduces costs

Acting fast in a dental emergency reduces the cost of treatment. For instance, reinserting a knocked-out tooth is cheaper than restoring a missing tooth. Emergency treatment for an abscess in a single tooth costs less than treating the infection in several teeth. Treating a slightly fractured tooth saves you money compared to repairing a fracture that spreads to the tooth roots.

Dental emergencies are unavoidable. At Arte Dental-Plano, our team is trained to deal with all types of dental emergencies. We take appropriate steps to administer quick and effective treatments. Call or visit us in case of a dental emergency and we will save your tooth and reduce the risk of infection while saving you some money.

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